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About us

Acorn Immigration are the immigration specialists.

With over 16 years experience Acorn Immigration offers personalised advice, serving corporate and personal clients where ever you are, where ever you need to be.

Australia has a wide range of temporary and permanent residence visa categories. There are many factors that may affect an individual and their eligibility. Acorn Immigration's knowledge and experience in effectively assessing and evaluating each individual's case ensures the best possible outcome for every applicant.

Why use Acorn immigration?

Recruiting qualified personnel from overseas is an important part of HR strategy of many Australian businesses today. Australia's migration laws and requirements are continually changing and becoming more complex. Keeping up to date can place an unnecessary pressure on a company's human resources department.

Choosing the appropriate visa category and submitting a valid and complete application requires familiarity with immigration legislation that Human Resources (HR) departments may not have the time to acquire and maintain. A visa application that is rejected on a technicality may mean that a company loses an employee who could have made a valuable and worthwhile contribution (not to mention losses in terms of money and time).

Experience and Knowledge is Key.

Australian visas

  • 457 sponsorship and visa applications
  • Skilled independent and sponsored categories
  • Employer nomination
  • Partner visas
  • Business skills migration
  • Parent and family visas
  • Visitor visas
  • Student visas


" In an era where exceptional one-to-one customer service excellence has virtually disappeared from our society, the work that Mr James did should be held up as and example for others to try to  emulate."

Dr. J.J. McDuling.

" Due to your hard work and professionalism you secured the visa almost exactly to the days you anticipated."

Mr. B Wrighton, Vice President - Government Global Industry


Brendan James is the Founder and Principal Consultant for Acorn Immigration.

A former officer of the Australian Government Dept. of Immigration and Citizenship up until 1992, Brendan has since accumulated 16 years experience as a private sector immigration consultant having been registered in 1996 (RMA 9681572).

In this capacity, Brendan has assisted clients across a diverse range of industry sectors including Information Technology, manufacturing, mining services, defence, government, higher education, agriculture, raw product manufacturers, small business as well as having assisting individual clients with skilled, spouse, remaining relative, parent and retirement visas.

Brendan personally completes all visa applications and submissions to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

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